Craig McCulloch for Congress

Meet Craig McCulloch


Craig McCulloch was born and raised in Baker, Louisiana. The son of a plant worker, Craig was raised on old-fashioned Louisiana values….values like hard work, not spending more money than you make, the sanctity and importance of life, traditional marriage and family…the conservative principles that are the bedrock of our great nation.

At the age of 14, Craig started his first job helping to build the Baton Rouge Zoo. Craig worked at the zoo on weekends and during the summers for the next several years. He graduated from Baker High School where he was an all-star quarterback. For his hard work and skill, Craig earned a football scholarship to play quarterback on Nicholls State University’s first varsity football team. During his time at Nicholls, Craig spent countless hours working in the oil fields of South Louisiana.

Craig finished his pre-physical therapy schooling at Nicholls in 1975 and graduated PT school at LSU in 1977.

In 1984, Craig started Baker Physical Therapy and has worked hard to build it into a successful practice that serves the Baker and Baton Rouge communities.

Craig has three children: Jaime, 36, Matt, 26, and Peyton, 19. And four step-children: Kent, 37, Jared, 35, Ryan, 29, and Anna, 23. He and his wife Wanda, who he met in high-school, live in Ethel, Louisiana.

Craig is 100% pro-life. He believes in the timeless definition of marriage being between one man and one women, period. As a business owner in the healthcare industry, Craig fully supports the repeal of Obamacare…but believes we must replace it with a conservative solution. Some solutions include selling insurance across state lines, incentivizing healthcare savings accounts, and allowing people to take their insurance with them when they leave a job.

Growing up in a small town and living out in the country, Craig is a firm believer in our right to keep and bear arms. That’s why he has signed the Defend Louisiana pledge and is a “Life Member” of the NRA.

Craig supports common-sense immigration reform that starts with securing our borders and protecting our national security. He also supports energy independence through domestic drilling and production.

Please click here to contact Craig if you have any questions on specific issues.